Speed Test

Internet Speed is normally measured in Mbps or Megabits per second. Speed Test provides you with an opportunity to troubleshoot Internet connection problems without you relying on the service provider. We assure you that your internet connections speed is worth what you are paying for. Check speed on dedicated server.

Since past few decades, Businesses and entertainment media are engaging heavily with internet World. As a realty actual internet speed is always less than the package subscription details promises to be. Speedtesti.com makes sure it never befalls below the limits. With our DSL Speed Test you are guaranteed to be directed to the truthful fact regarding your actual internet speed. Whether you are a home user or running a business, you can check PTCL EVO or DSL speed by simply click on PTCL Speed Test to find out the actual internet speed with all basic information e.g. ping rate, download speed and upload speed. Internet Speed Test measures download and upload bandwidth speed for your broadband connection. It can also help you quickly troubleshoot common connectivity problems with networking configuration, NIC card, WLAN router, Cable/DSL modem, service provider network, Web server or the application itself.